AIR flow


Here at Borrowash Dental Centre, we now provide Air Flow treatment, a gentle stain removal technique. It involves spraying air, water and a fine powder together to polish the teeth and effectively remove unwanted stains and plaque. It can remove tough staining caused by lifestyle factors such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, and foods such as curry. This method uses a handpiece that releases high pressure water mixed with air and a fine cleaning powder that is sprayed onto the teeth to improve the appearance. Air Flow treatment is non-abrasive, and can not only be used on the tooth surfaces, but also beneath the gum line in the periodontal pockets.


Benefits of having professional Air polishing treatment include:

  • Brighter and Whiter  teeth

  • Tartar and stain removal

  • Long lasting polished appearance

  • Quick procedure

  • Painless and Comfortable treatment

  • Helps to keep gums and teeth healthy

  • Good for those with sensitive teeth



For more information on the Air polishing treatment that we offer here at Borrowash Dental Centre, give the practice a call on 01332 661944. Alternatively you can discuss this at your next appointment with your dentist.