dental hygiene

Having a dental hygiene routine is key in preventing tooth decay and maintaining the health of both your teeth and gums. The first way of maintaining your dental hygiene is to ensure that you are brushing twice a day, therefore you can remove all food, plaque and bacteria remaining in the mouth that can lead to damage of the teeth. When brushing it is important to brush all surfaces of the teeth, and hold the toothbrush at angle towards the gums.

Another important step to ensure is included in your routine is brushing between the teeth daily, prior to brushing, whether this be with floss or interdental brushes to remove caught debris.


your teeth and mouth

Your dentist can advise what is best for you at your check-up appointments. Often Electric toothbrushes clean better than manual so advice can be given on these.

Also, we sell Interdental brushes at the practice of varied sizes, your Dentist can advise what size and colour you would need.

Furthermore it is important to remember your tongue when brushing, as this can hold just as much bacteria and cause further problems.

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For help and advice surrounding your dental hygiene, ask for your dentists recommendations at your next check-up appointment, as this will vary across individuals based on the current health of your mouth, and we can advise what is best for you!

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