Having a tooth removed is a lot of patient's worst nightmare, so we are here to reassure that you will be okay during this procedure. We use local anaesthetic to numb the area, so that you cannot feel anything but pressure. The tooth is gently loosened before being extracted to make the procedure smoother. The extraction completely depends on the tooth size, the roots, the position and location in the mouth, if one of these factors poses risks to the patient, a referral may be done for the extraction to go to a specialist, so that you are in the best hands possible. ⁠  Extractions are avoided until there is no other option, as we all want to keep as many teeth as possible! It is important to look after your teeth by flossing or using interdental brushes, and also by reducing your sugars, so that you too can avoid extractions.⁠


reasons for extraction

Reasons that you may need an extraction are:⁠


  • After an accident in which the tooth is damaged and becomes loose or fractured.⁠

  • Overcrowding of the teeth, which means there is not enough space for that tooth in the mouth.⁠

  • Teeth that are impacted in the gum and don't grow into their normal position.⁠

  • Periodontal disease, as this can cause loss of the structures that keep your teeth in place.⁠

  • Tooth decay, as it can lead to infections and can affect other teeth so often if measures do not work for example root canal treatment, then an extraction is best.⁠ ⁠

more information

If you are considering an extraction or have any questions regarding the treatment, we will be happy to help on 01332 661944.