jaw problems

Jaw problems are a common issue that we see at the practice, these are called Temporomandibular disorders. Symptoms of such jaw problems include pain around the jaw joint area or around your neck, shoulders and ears, locking of the jaw when opening, and clicking or popping of the joint when you open and close. Your dentist will check for temporomandibular problems at your check up appointment, so be sure to mention any symptoms that you are having. Causes of these issues can include teeth grinding and teeth clenching, arthritis and stress. 



Mouthguards can be made at the practice for you to wear during either the day or night, to break the habit of grinding and clenching. Another piece of advice your dentist may give is to try jaw exercises, as it is a useful way of reducing symptoms of jaw problems.

So if you are struggling make sure to mention this at your next check-up.

more information

To enquire regarding a mouth guard, or to make an appointment for any jaw problems that you may be having, call the practice on 01332 661944