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white fillings

In the past fillings were always made of silver-coloured amalgam. Whilst these metal fillings work perfectly well, this material has one big disadvantage – it doesn’t resemble your natural teeth in appearance, and this can cause you to feel embarrassed when smiling or laughing.

We do provide amalgam fillings as they are durable and cost effective, but our first choice for an aesthetic result would always be tooth-coloured material if, and where appropriate.

We use a special type of reinforced plastic called composite. This means that we can create beautiful, natural-looking fillings that won’t spoil your smile.



  • A white filling can be matched to the colour of your surrounding tooth.

  • Some people find they experience less post-treatment discomfort and sensitivity when using white composite fillings.

  • Amalgam fillings can often hide further tooth decay from x-rays; white fillings don’t have this problem.

  • Teeth with white fillings are less prone to cracking. For an amalgam filling to stay in place, the base of the filling needs to be wider than the neck, so some healthy tooth may need to be drilled away weakening the remaining tooth.

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