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EMS AIR-flow


At Borrowash Dental Centre, we offer a game-changing new cleaning treatment called EMS Air-Flow.


This new Air-Flow teeth cleaning treatment will remove stains on your teeth, giving you a brighter and healthier smile that feels cleaner than ever before.


It can remove tough staining caused by lifestyle factors such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, and foods such as curry.


Airflow therapy is a hygiene treatment that removes persistent stains on your teeth, plaque, and discolouration using a combination of water, compressed air, and fine powder particles.


These three components are combined in a high-powered jet which gently removes stains from your teeth including hard to reach areas as well as biofilm from above and below the gum line. Dental plaque is a biofilm of harmful bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth.

Smiling Woman


Benefits of having professional EMS Air-Flow treatment include:

  • Brighter and Whiter teeth

  • Tartar and stain removal

  • Long lasting polished appearance

  • Quick procedure

  • Painless and Comfortable treatment

  • Helps to keep gums and teeth healthy

  • Good for those with sensitive teeth

Call BORROWASH DENTAL CENTRE today and get ready to receive a healthier, brighter and smoother smile with the new Airflow EMS system.

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