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Due your next dental check-Up?

We are welcoming new patients

We are currently accepting new adult patients privately at our practice. Private appointments are readily available, and our comprehensive examination, which includes an 18-point health check, is priced at just £44.

Children are seen free-of-charge at the practice, providing there is capacity. Please contact our reception team for more information.

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Book a dental appointment today.

Affordable dental care for the whole family.

We are proud to provide exceptional patient care in a warm and friendly environment.

Private dentistry offers you:

  • access to wider range of treatment options.

  • shorter waiting times for treatment.

  • appointments at times to suit you.

  • 0% finance available.

Our private dental plans start from £13.80 per month


We carefully assess 18 different accepts of your general and oral health to ensure we are doing all we can to keep you as healthy a possible. 

We will carefully assess the health of your teeth and gums, and the condition of existing dental work you may have. We always screen for oral cancer as early detection is crucial.

Prevention is better than cure, and from our experience the earlier we can assess and detect any problems, significantly reduces the need for any treatment, and if something is needed it is often smaller and simpler to fix.

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